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About selling your products online

You can sell your inventory online using Lightspeed eCom. Creating an eCom store helps local customers learn about your physical store when they're researching online. It also extends your business's reach to other regions.

  • Build a website, no experience necessary - Select from hundreds of prebuilt professional websites. Customize them at the click of a button. No previous knowledge is required.
  • Your Retail inventory, sold online - Simultaneously sell your inventory online and in-store. Choose when you publish your items. Sales seamlessly sync to your Retail inventory.
  • Your reports in the same place - All online order activity shows in your Retail account under reports.

Getting started

You can set up your eCom store in seven sessions. Each session may last from one to three hours in duration. These sessions cover all the required steps to have a fully functional, and transactional eCom store. Use this as a basis when starting with eCom.

Supplemental getting started articles 

Use these articles for reference when installing Lightspeed eCom.

Products and customers articles

Use these articles for reference when managing your products and customers.

Sales and refunds articles

Use these articles for reference when managing orders.

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