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Partially refunding a line on an order

You can use partial refunds as a way to refund a portion of a line in an order. For example:

  • A customer's order contains three lines:
    • T-shirt – $20
    • Shorts – $50
    • Shipping – $15
      If you needed to refund $7.50 of the shipping cost, you would complete a partial refund.
  • A customer purchased a product online valued at $100. Since they qualified for a discount that was not available online, you need to provide a $20 refund.
  • A customer ordered a large number of the same product and you want to provide a bulk-order discount per item. You would complete a partial refund to change the price per item.
When you refund the full value of a line in an order, it is not considered a partial refund. For instructions on how to refund a full line, refer to our Refunding eCom orders article. 
For partial refunds with Lightspeed Payments, refer to our Refunding orders for Lightspeed Payments article.

To partially refund an order:

  1. Issue a custom refund through the payment provider's website. To do this, follow the steps in the issue a refund section of this guide. 
  2. Login to your eCom account.
  3. Navigate to Orders
  4. Click on the order you just refunded. 
  5. Select More > Duplicate > OK.


    Note: you will now be working in the duplicated order.
  6. Click Edit beside the line you wish to edit and adjust the price accordingly. 


  7. Click Save.
  8. Click Convert to Order.


  9. In the dialogue box, click Convert to Order.
  10. In the Payment section, confirm the new invoice was created by making note of the invoice number and click Mark as Paid.
  11. Navigate to Orders and click on the original order.
  12. Click Cancel Order.


    Note: you can notify your customer that the order was canceled by clicking the Notify customer? checkbox.

  13. Click Cancel this order.

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