Installing Lightspeed eCom

Once you have completed the preparation of your Retail items, you are ready to create your Lightspeed eCom store. A Retail account with eCom can publish up to 15,000 items to eCom and a maximum of 100 variants per matrix. These variants count towards the 15,000 items maximum. Once in eCom, their online visibility is set to hidden by default. Your eCom subscription controls how many of them you can make visible.

For more information on managing the visibility of your products in eCom, click here.

Converting your eCom demo to a full account

If you haven't purchased a full eCom account yet, all Retail accounts are able to create a demo eCom account. To convert it to a full eCom account, please email or your Sales Account Manager. Alternatively, you can contact eCom Support as they can coordinate a phone transfer or a callback request.

Before provisioning your eCom store

Before starting your eCom provisioning process, review and adjust the following: 

  • Your Retail tax model in your Retail account under Settings General Options
  • The email located in your Retail account under Settings > Shop Setup > the store your eCom inventory will synchronize with > Email 1 as it will be used for your eCom store.

    NOTE: Once provisioned, you will need to contact our eCom Support team to change your tax model or email. They can change your email with little impact however changing your tax model will require them to delete your eCom store and start a new one.

  • Your company information under Settings > Shop Setup > the store your eCom inventory will synchronize with. The below fields in your Retail account will be pushed to the Settings > CompanySettings Account and Settings > Billing Information sections in your eCom store:
    • Phone
    • Fax
    • Address (Line 1 and 2)
    • Region/Province/State
    • Zip Code/Postal Code/Postcode
    • Country
    • Email 1
    • Company registration number (if available)
    • VAT Number (if available)

    NOTE: The Region/Province/State and Country fields need to be valid or use the standard international codes. For example, a valid Province name would be Quebec or QC.

  • Your Retail logo in Settings > Branding as any changes to it will be pushed to your eCom invoices and automatic emails after provisioning.

    NOTE: This Retail logo setting will not affect your eCom storefront. The logo in your eCom storefront is managed from your design theme's custom settings. For more information, click here.

Provisioning your eCom store

  1. From your Retail account's main menu, click eCom.

  2. Click the Install Lightspeed eCom button. You will see the below setup page:


  3. In the Store Name field, type the name of your eCom store.

  4. From the Synchronize from Location drop-down, select the store your eCom inventory will synchronize with.

  5. From the Tax Model drop-down, make sure the correct tax model is selected. If you need to change the tax model, make the change via Settings > General Options before continuing.

    For more information, refer to these eCom help articles:

  6. From the eCom Store Language drop-down, select a language. Your selection will dictate:

    • the language of your eCom back office
    • the language field designation of your product data
    • the language your customers see when they visit your online store
  7. Under Which items do you want to sell online?, select one of the below options:

    • Publish all items to eCom: Automatically publish all your existing and new items to eCom. This option will also select the Automatically publish to eCom checkbox in Settings General Option once your eCom store installation is complete.

      NOTE: If you've reached your publishing limit of items, you will have the choice to automatically Publish the first 15,000 items to eCom instead.

    • Decide later which items to publish: Manually select which existing and new items will publish to eCom. This option will also deselect the Automatically publish to eCom checkbox in Settings General Option once your eCom store installation is complete.
  8. Click Looks good, let's set up shop!

At this point, omnichannel creates your new eCom store and you will receive an email with the subject line: Create your Lightspeed eCom Password. 

If you selected the Publish all items to eCom or Publish the first 15,000 items options, it begins pushing your products, categories and brands. Omnichannel will continue to work in the background to sync data. If you selected the Decide later which items to publish option, click here for more information on manually publishing and deleting your items from eCom.

What's next?

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