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Supported hardware

Retail POS is designed, built, and tested to be used on multiple setups and operating systems, including multiple browsers, and supports numerous peripheral hardware. With the help of this guide, you can confirm which hardware is supported when using Lightspeed Retail on desktop or iPad.

Purchasing hardware

You can purchase supported hardware directly from Lightspeed. Our online stores are customized for each region and only stock items that have been tested and verified by Lightspeed. If you choose to buy your hardware elsewhere, we encourage you to purchase the supported models listed in this article.

  • Australia & New Zealand: https://store.lightspeedhq.com.au/
  • Europe: https://store.lightspeedhq.nl/
  • UK: https://store.lightspeedhq.co.uk/
  • North America: https://store.lightspeedhq.ca/

Lightspeed only provides support for the hardware listed in this article. If your hardware isn't included in our list of supported hardware, please contact the hardware manufacturer for setup and configuration instructions.

Select your setup

To begin, select your setup from the tabs below:

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