Supported hardware

These are the ideal printers, barcode scanners and accessories to use with Lightspeed Retail. We also test and support the Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers. Lightspeed Retail works best with our recommended hardware and browsers and we're happy to help you set it up. Contact us and we'll get you going.

Buy direct

Lightspeed Retail's Sales team can be contacted for hardware and printing supplies. Personalized gift cards can be purchased from Plastic Printers. If you choose to buy elsewhere, verify that you're purchasing the recommended models listed here.

Important Lightspeed provides support only for the hardware listed below.
If your hardware is not included in our list of supported hardware, contact the hardware manufacturer for setup and configuration instructions.

Barcode scanners

Manufacturer Model
Honeywell Voyager USB MK9540-32A38 (Desktop)
Socket Mobile 7Ci/7Di (1D Barcodes) and 7Qi/7Xi (2D Barcodes) (iPad)
Zebra CS4070 Bluetooth Scanner (supports all barcode types) (iPad)

Receipt printers

Manufacturer Model
Star Micronics TSP113 TSP 100 series with tear bar (Desktop and LAN model for iPad)
Star Micronics TSP143 TSP 100 series with auto cutter (Desktop and LAN model for iPad)
Star Micronics TSP143 TSP 100IIIW series with auto cutter (MAC, Windows and iPad)
Any manufacturer Any full-page desktop printer compatible with AirPrint (iPad)

Cash drawers

Manufacturer Model
APG Vasario VB320-BL1616
APG Vasario VB320-BL1618
APG Vasario VB320-BL1915
Star Micronics (Europe only) CB-2002

Label printers

Manufacturer Model
Zebra ZD41022-D01M00EZ (Desktop only)
Zebra ZD41022-D01W01EZ (Desktop & iPad)

Card swipes and payment terminals

Our partner credit card services will provide you with the encrypted card readers compatible with their services.

Payment Processors Hardware Setup
Cayan (US)
  • Verifone MX-915 EMV-enabled terminal (Desktop and iPad)
  • Genius Handheld EMV-enabled terminal (Desktop and iPad)
  • Magtek iDynamo (iPad)
  • Magtek uDynamo (iPad)
Element Express (US)
Mercury Payment Services (US)  
Vantiv (US)
  • Dejavoo Z9/Z11 EMV-enabled terminal (Desktop and iPad)
Vantiv (Canada)
  • Dejavoo Z9/Z11 EMV-enabled terminal (Desktop and iPad)
iZettle (Brazil, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Netherlands, and UK)  
Wordline (Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg)  
  • Yomani EMV-enabled terminal (iPad)
  • Yoximo EMV-enabled terminal (iPad)

Optional accessories

Touchscreen display

A touchscreen display takes the place of your regular monitor and lets associates ring up sales quickly using touch input instead of a keyboard and mouse. You can choose between any touchscreens on the market that are compatible with your computer's operating system.


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