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May product updates

Lightspeed Retail POS (R-Series)


Track partial orders with shipment history


Create a trusted source of record with the new Shipment history tab. Located in purchase orders, this tab lists all shipments received as part of a purchase order so you can view what was received, when, and at what cost.

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Manage your inventory with confidence


Improvements to the quantity-on-hand inventory means better inventory management and more confidence that your inventory counts are accurate.

Learn more about inventory counts


Lock registers to a device or browser


Prevent accidental register switching by locking registers to a device or browser. Click the Lock button on the sidebar to assign a register to your device and prevent transactions from being transferred to a different device or location.

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Accurate serialized refunds


For refunds that include serialized items, you can pick which serial number to refund and return to your inventory right on the refund screen. The refund receipt will include the serial number and the original sales receipt will also keep a record of the serial number if it is reprinted.

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Accurate gift card overview and redemption


Balances of canceled or transferred gift cards are no longer included in the overview calculation. Gift cards that are canceled or transferred after May 18th, 2023 are excluded from the total calculation, making overview numbers more accurate. Also, recycled gift cards can now be redeemed without issue. 

Learn more about tracking gift cards


Specialized bicycle vendor integration

Download your invoices with confidence. While using the Specialized vendor bicycle integration, invoices will download error-free.

Learn more about the Specialized bicycle integration

Lightspeed eCom (C-Series)


New supported image format


You can now upload images in WebP format. For more information on images and other supported formats, refer to eCom image and platform limits.

Learn more about supported image formats

Lightspeed Financial Services


Lightspeed Payments onboarding for Canadian merchants


Canadian Merchants can now take advantage of a self-managed onboarding flow for Lightspeed Payments.

Learn more about Lightspeed Payments


Lightspeed Capital has moved to the Financial services tab


Lightspeed Capital has moved to the Financial services tab. This puts Lightspeed Capital and Lightspeed Payments in one, easy to find tab. 

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Lightspeed Analytics


Gain order insights with Lightspeed Analytics


View suggested reorder points and levels for your entire inventory based on sales forecasts with Lightspeed Analytics.

Learn more about Lightspeed Analytics

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