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About Lightspeed Capital

Growth doesn't come easily, but a timely influx of funds can help make it easier. Lightspeed is excited to offer eligible businesses access to quick financing through Lightspeed Capital. Whatever your plan looks like, be it expansion, renovation, hiring more staff -- whatever your business needs, Lightspeed Capital offers you a quick and easy path forward.

Eligible businesses will be contacted with a few different offer amounts and can choose the amount that works best for your business. The offer will outline how much you are eligible to receive and what the flat fee is for the cash advance. The method of repayment may differ depending on your payment processor, but in any case, you'll pay the advance back gradually as a percentage of your daily transactions. There is no deadline to pay and there is no interest -- just a flat fee that gets paid back at the speed of your business. Once you’ve been approved and you've accepted an offer, you’ll typically see the funds in your bank account within 1-2 business days.

To learn more about Lightspeed Capital, follow the link that best describes your situation:

If you have any questions, reach us at capital@lightspeedhq.com.

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