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Setting up Lightspeed Payments

Lightspeed Payments is the simplest way to seamlessly integrate your online and in-store payment processing with Retail POS, so you can run your business and manage your transactions all in one place.

Applying for Lightspeed Payments

Before you can begin processing card payments with Lightspeed Payments, you will need to fill out an application.

Depending on your location, the self-service application module may be available to you in Retail POS.Retail-R-lspay-apply.png

If you don’t see the module under Financial services, contact your Sales representative to confirm eligibility and apply for Lightspeed Payments. Retail-R-financial-services.png

To avoid any delays in processing your application, ensure you include a regularly monitored email address so our underwriting team can get in touch if anything is missing in your application.

Application requirements

The information we are required to collect during the application process will vary regionally due to legal requirements by local financial regulatory bodies. Generally, your application needs to include:

  • Document signer’s personal information to verify identity.
  • Legal business name as registered with the relevant local business authorities.
  • Tax ID or equivalent that matches the legal business name registered with the relevant financial regulatory body.
  • Business address to verify the business operating location.
  • Bank account details linked to the Sole Proprietorship/LLC/Corporation name.
  • Additional documentation may need to be uploaded for verification.

It’s important to provide accurate and up-to-date information about you and your business to ensure a smooth and secure application process. Once your application is approved, you will be contacted via email with your next steps.

Becoming PCI compliant

In addition to receiving communication from Lightspeed after your approval, you can also expect an email from our partners at SecureTrust. This email offers you the option to become PCI compliant through Lightspeed (via SecureTrust). This is free of charge for all Lightspeed Payments users.

Configuring payment settings

One advantage of using Lightspeed Payments is that we handle most of your gateway configurations, but you still have the option to customize Lightspeed Payments to suit your needs.

Once you have been approved for Lightspeed Payments and it has been added to your account, you can configure settings for tipping and using Standalone mode in Retail POS.

Setting up your payment terminal

To start using Lightspeed Payments, you need to set up your payment terminal. The exact steps will vary depending on which terminal you use, but most terminals will follow the same basic steps.

Only use Lightspeed Payments supported terminals with Lightspeed Payments. Terminals obtained from third-party providers may not be correctly configured for your account and could present a security risk.

  1. Physical setup: During this step, you’ll unbox your terminal, power it on, and charge the battery, if applicable. Refer to Setting up your Lightspeed Payments hardware for detailed instructions.
  2. Connecting your terminal to your network: Most terminals connect to your network via Wi-Fi. During this step, you’ll connect your payment terminal to the same network used by your POS device.
  3. Pairing the terminal: Once the terminal is connected to your network, you can pair it to your Retail POS account.
  4. Processing a test sale: Once your terminal is paired, process a test sale to ensure the connection was successful and your settings are configured correctly.

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