Troubleshooting connection problems

Q: Lightspeed Retail is not loading but other websites are loading fine. I've restarted my browser and reset my router and modem already, what could be wrong?

Internet problems

Although the internet largely prevents these issues, sometimes a bad core router can prevent you from reaching Lightspeed Retail. Ordinarily these routers are identified and removed by other healthy routers as a potential pathway for your request. Sometimes things don’t work out perfectly and you are in a internet partitioning situation where you can access some sites and not others because of bad routes. To troubleshoot this problem try these steps:

  1. Reboot your modem and see whether the modem reboot corrects your problem. If you end up having to call support, the first thing we ask you to do is reboot your modem. Please understand that we are trying to help you and do reboot your modem again for us a second time. This fixes nine out of ten problems of this sort.
  2. Replace east with west (or west with east) in the URL that you are trying to load the login page from. For example if your URL is, try For customers on our newer interface, if your URL is try If you are able to load a login page at the opposite URL, you have successfully routed yourself around the problem and should try logging in.
  3. If neither of these steps work for you, contact our support team.


Sometimes ISPs (Internet Service Providers) will have DNS (Domain Name System) server issues. To find out if this is your problem, try accessing our site using our IP addresses. Click each of these links and when the browser warns you about the certificate not matching the domain, allow it to proceed. If both links below work and you see a login page, do not log in as you will be redirected back to the same problem you were having.

This can be solved with a change to your DNS to use the Google Public DNS IP addresses. Using this link, read the configuration instructions.

Our support can also assist you with this situation.

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