Processing credit cards

You can use either integrated or external credit card readers and terminals with Lightspeed Retail. If you use an integrated hardware, you connect the reader or terminal to your Lightspeed Retail account and can swipe the card directly in the Lightspeed payment screen. You receive approval for the sale from the processor before the sale is finished and depending on your hardware, you can refund to the credit card later without the card being present. 

For setup instructions specific to your payment processor and hardware, see the Configuring your payment processing article.

If you use external credit card readers and terminals, they are not connected to the Lightspeed Retail point of sale. During a sale you manually enter an amount, swipe the card, and in the Lightspeed Retail payment screen record that the customer is paying by credit card. 

It's also important to note that when US shops manually process a Canadian credit card, you must enter your shop's 5 digit, numeric zip code instead of the Canadian customer's postal code. Your processor can only accept 5 digit numeric zip codes.

To make a credit card sale using a Lightspeed Retail-integrated card reader

  1. Start a new sale on the register.
  2. Click Payment > Credit/Debit.
  3. Verify the amount to be charged.
  4. Do one of the following depending on your card swipe hardware:
    • If you use a credit card payment terminal click Start Payment. This sends the sale to the payment terminal for the customer to complete. When the sale is accepted click Finish Sale.

      NOTE: The payment is automatically processed once the payment is accepted regardless of if the sale is finalized. If you don’t finalize the sale by clicking Finish Sale, the payment is seen as a partial payment. You can run the Partial payment report to view a list of all payments that were processed but are attached to incomplete sales.

    • If you use a USB credit card reader, swipe the credit card. The register advances to the receipt page, or displays the reason for declining the card on the payment screen. When the receipt page is displayed, print the receipt. Keep the customer-signed copy for your records and give the additional copy to the customer.

    • To enter the credit card number manually, tap Manual Entry Card Not Present or Card Present, and then enter the credit card details. Manual credit card payments require the full remaining balance of the sale to be processed. Therefore, if you are processing multiple payments for a sale, you would want to process your manual credit card payment last.

To use an external credit card reader

  1. Start a new sale on the register.
  2. Click Payment and process the credit card in your external credit card terminal.
  3. In Lightspeed Retail, enter the amount you charged as a credit card Payment Type.
  4. Click Finish Sale.
  5. When the receipt page is displayed, print the receipt. This method does not produce a signature copy.
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