About vendor returns

If you have items in your inventory that are defective or damaged, that you no longer carry, or if you've mistakenly added items to your inventory because you've received the wrong items or more items than you ordered, Lightspeed Retail's Return to Vendor is a streamlined workflow for managing, tracking, and reporting on inventoried items that are returned to your vendors.

Item quantities returned using Return to Vendor are automatically removed from your inventory. You can generate reports on returned inventory, and export the data to QuickBooks Desktop for accurate cost accounting.

Best practices

If you receive defective or damaged items, wrong items, or more items than you ordered, we recommend that you do not add these items to your Lightspeed Retail inventory when checking in purchase order items. This prevents having to adjust item quantities or account for return costs. Instead, set the items aside and contact your vendor to coordinate a return shipment outside of Lightspeed Retail. However, if you've already added these items to your inventory, Lightspeed Retail's Return to Vendor lets you automatically adjust item quantities and account for return costs.

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