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Managing sales in eCom (C-Series)

With the exception of eCom sales with the Paid by invoice (available in Europe only) and Bank transfer payment types, all sales made in eCom are pushed to Retail once the order is marked as paid. When an order is marked as paid, the stock level of the purchased items in Retail is updated. All eCom sales appear within Retail reports under the Retail store with which it is connected. To learn more about managing orders, refer to the eCom topic Dashboard of an order.

NOTE: When an order is placed online, you may wish to set the item aside (in the store) so that it will not get sold to an in-store customer by accident. 

Paid by invoice and Bank transfer

If the payment types Paid by invoice or Bank transfer are used for an eCom order, it will be pushed to your Retail account even though it is not marked as paid. This way, the in-store Retail stock is deducted to reflect the eCom order even though your customer has not paid for it officially yet. Once your customer has fulfilled their payment and the eCom order is marked as paid, the order will not be pushed to your Retail account again to avoid duplicates.

NOTE: If you'd like your Retail reporting of Paid by Invoice transactions to reflect the official payment type your customer used, you can find the transaction and adjust the payment type.

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