Viewing eCom sales reports in Retail

When you install your eCom store, a register and employee named eCom is created to support eCom sales in your Retail account. To avoid them being used inadvertently or deliberately, they are archived. It is also important to keep the register and employee name set to eComAs a result of these precautionary measures, they are hidden and no longer selectable in other areas of your Retail account, such as your reports. This means that your eCom register and employee are not included in your reporting filters.

To view your eCom sales in your Retail account's reports:

  1. From the main menu, click Reports.
  2. In Grouped Sales Totals section, click Line Employee.
  3. Enter a date range and click Search.


  4. To see the individual sales, on the left of your eCom employee, click the eye icon.


    NOTE: If a sale line has a custom field in eCom with a price or percentage value, it will be pushed to your Retail account as an item note. This allows you to track and understand why the price of an item is higher than it's default price. You can see this note in the Lines section of your transaction or on the receipt.



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