Adding customer accounts

Creating customer accounts and adding them to sales gives you these benefits:

  • customer tracking and records
  • useful reports for analyzing your business
  • at-a-glance view of customer’s open orders, purchase history, special orders, etc
  • quick creation of special orders and layaways
  • convenient emailing customer receipts

If you're transitioning from another POS system, you can import your customers. For information go to Importing customer data.

To add a customer account

  1. There are a multiple ways to create a new customer account, depending on where you are in the UI:
    • If you're not in a sale, from the main menu, click Customers > Customers > + New Customer.
    • If you're in a sale with no associated customer account, in the same row as NO CUSTOMER SELECTED, click + New.
    • If a sale is made via your eCom store, a new customer account is created automatically when the sale is marked as paid. For more information of how eCom handles the creation of customer accounts, refer to Managing customers accounts in eCom.
  2. Add the customer contact information including:
    • type: assign a type to give a pre-defined discount
    • discount
    • sales tax
  3. Click Save Changes.

    NOTE: If you are adding a customer during a sale, click Attach To Sale to create the account and return to your sale.

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