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Creating work orders

In Lightspeed Retail, you can use work orders to easily schedule services, repairs and other tasks to employees.



  1. From the main menu, click Service > New Work Order.

  2. Enter your customer's details and, depending if they are a new or existing customer, click one of the following:

    • New Customer: click the Create New Customer button.

    • Existing Customer: in the POSSIBLE MATCHES section, click the customer's name.

      Note: If both your customer and to serialized item they'd like to service exist in your Retail account, you can attach both of them to a new work order automatically. To do so:
      1. From the main menu, click Customers Customers

      2. From your list of customers, click your customer's name

      3. From the left menu, click the Items section.

      4. Click the pencil icon next to the serialized item they'd like to repair.

      5. From the left menu, click the Workorders section.
      6. From the top-right, click + New Work Order.

  3. From the Status dropdown, set the work order to open. Once the work order progresses, you can modify the drop-down to estimate, waiting or finished.

    Note: You can create custom work order statuses to best represent the workflow of your service department.
  4. Use the Description, Color, Size, and Serial fields to include information about the item being serviced.

    Note: To include images of the item, please see Adding images to a work order.
  5. In the Date In and Due fields, select dates and times.

  6. Optionally, leave a receipt note or internal note. If you're leaving an internal note, you can also tap Add time to add a timestamp (your name, the date and time). 

    Note: For more information, please see Leaving receipt notes and internal notes.
  7. Add the inventory item, labor charge, or miscellaneous charge to the work order accordingly:

    • Inventory item: In the Item field, enter the item description, click the Search button and click the Select button to the left of the item.

    • Miscellaneous charge: Click the Misc. button, fill in the fields in the Add Miscellaneous charge section and click Save.

    • Labor charges: Click the Labor button, fill in the fields in the Add Labor Charge section and click Save.

      Note: From the main menu, click Settings > Locations > and Customize next to the location to change the location's default labor charge service rate in the Service Rate ($/hour) field.
  8. Depending on your customer's needs, follow the below:

    • To print a tag: Click Print Tag to have a paper reference linking the item to the work order.

    • To print an estimate: From the Status dropdown, select Estimate and click Print Tag.

    • To print a quote: Click Print Quote.

    • To email a quote: Click Send As Email, enter the customer's email address and a custom message if required, and click Send Email Work Order

    • To checkout the work order: Click the green Checkout button and complete the work order.



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