Configuring employee roles

Before creating a multitude of employee accounts, first define a well structured set of employee roles. Give new employee roles meaningful names, such as Summer Intern or Floor Manager, that you will, in turn, assign to your employees.

Although Lightspeed Retail includes built-in roles such as: Owner, Admin, Manager and Associate to help get you started, we encourage you to define the roles that make the most sense for your business.

NOTE: You can re-configure the permissions of the built-in roles if that makes the most sense for your business. For information about employee accounts, refer to Adding employee accounts.

To re-configure an employee role

  1. From the main menu, click Settings > Employee Roles.
  2. Click the role category you want to re-configure.
  3. Configure the category’s permissions and click Save Changes.

To create a new employee role

  1. From the main menu, click Settings > Employee Roles.
  2. From the top right corner, click the + New Employee Role icon.
  3. Give the new employee role a meaningful name.
  4. Configure the category’s permissions and click Save Changes.

Limitations on employee roles

  • Lightspeed Retail allows you to create up to 21 user definable employee roles.
  • Built-in roles like owner, admin, etc can't be archived, only un-assigned employee roles can be archived and un-archived.
  • It is not possible to create employee roles with the same name.

Employee role permission table

External login Can log into Lightspeed Retail from any device connected to the internet when the Lightspeed Retail session is closed. A user without external login rights can only log into Lightspeed Retail using their access PIN locally when the application is open.
Reports Can access the Reports area.
Service  Can access the Service area.
Sales Can access the Sales area. Disabling this option prevents the user from making sales.
Sales - Refund Can process a refund
Sales - Open Register Can open a register (till) to process sales and refunds. This does not apply to a user’s ability to physically open a register.
Sales - Register Withdraw Can withdraw money from a register
Sales - Close Register Can close a register
Sales - Change Prices Can change the prices of items. If this is enabled and the employee has inventory access, they can change an item’s price from the item settings for all subsequent sales, and also directly from a sale, which affects the item price for that sale only. If the employee does not have inventory access, they can only change an item’s price for a sale.
Sales - Import Catalog Item Can import items from catalogs to the local inventory
Sales - Layaways & Special Orders Can create layaways & special orders
Sales - Line Only Discount Can apply a discount to individual line items
Sales - Entire Sale Discount Can apply discounts to an entire sale
Inventory - Basic Can access the Inventory area
Inventory - Product Cost Can view and edit item cost
Inventory - Product Create & Edit Can create new items or edit existing items. This is required for more advanced permissions that add or remove inventory.
Inventory - Special Orders Can view existing Special Orders
Inventory - Purchase Orders Can access and receive Purchase Orders
Inventory - Vendor Returns Can access and send Vendor Returns
Inventory - Counts Can create inventory counts
Inventory - Transfers Can send and receive Transfers between stores. Transfers are only available on accounts with more than one shop location.
Inventory - Import Images and Items Can import both items and product images into inventory
Inventory - Vendors Can edit Vendors
Inventory - Categories Can edit Categories
Inventory - Brands Can edit Brands
Inventory - Tags Can edit Tags
Inventory - Vendor Return Reasons Can edit Vendor Return Reasons
eCom - Basic Can access the eCom tab
Customers - Basic Can access the Customers area
Customers - Credit Limit Can set credit limits for customers
Settings - Basic Can access the Settings area
Settings - Setup Shops Can access Shop Settings in Settings
Settings - Employee Setup Can access Employee Setup and Employee Roles in Settings
Settings - Sales Setup Can set Price Rules, Discounts, Payment Types, and taxes
Settings - Void Sales Can void transactions
Settings - Pricing Can access inventory-related settings in Settings
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