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Configuring your gift card settings

You can find your gift card settings by going to Customers > Gift cards in either Retail POS or eCom (if you also have an online store). By centralizing your gift card settings in this way, you can easily access and adjust them no matter where you are. You can also trust that any changes you make to your gift card settings will be applied both in store and online (if you have both sales channels enabled). 

From your gift card settings, however, you can do more than select where you want to sell gift cards. You can also configure the following:

  • Gift card amounts 
  • Minimum and maximum limits for custom amounts 
  • Image options for gift cards purchased online


Note: If your account was migrated from the original gift card version to the new gift card version, you can see your existing gift cards once you select Manage gift cards and configure your gift card settings for the first time. Once you save your settings, you'll be able to view your existing gift cards.


To configure your gift card settings:

  1. From the main menu, go to Customers Gift cards
    Note: If you have Lightspeed eCom, you can also go to Customers > Gift cards from your back office.
  2. Select Gift card settings.
  3. Select where you want to sell your gift cards by toggling on the switch for Point of sale and/or eCom (if you have an online store).
  4. Optionally, toggle the Amounts switch. Then, enter the common gift card amounts that fit your business needs.
  5. Enter a minimum and maximum limit for custom amounts.
  6. If you toggled on the eCom switch, review the image options. You can delete the ones you don't want or select Restore defaults to undo your changes.
    Note: Customers who purchase gift cards in your online store will be able to see these image options and select the one they prefer. Customers who purchase gift cards in store will not see these image options.
  7. Select Save.


You have now configured your gift card settings. You're ready to start selling and recharging gift cards in store.

If you selected the eCom switch, a Gift card option was added to the navigation of your online store. This means that your customers are now able to buy and redeem gift cards in your online store as well.

What's next?

If you selected the eCom switch and don't see them available yet, you just need to make gift cards visible to your customers in the navigation of your online store. To do so, complete one of the following setups:

Finally, if you're using a multi-step checkout in your online store, your customers will only be able to enter their gift card code when they reach the step with the cart. To give your customers the best gift card experience possible, we recommend using a one-page or single-step checkout instead.

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