1 a. Understanding the import file

Beta Disclaimer. Please note that the Item Import tool is currently in limited beta testing.

To import inventory items via our Retail Imports team, please refer to this article.

To help you understand the spreadsheet file you'll need to put together, this article is divided into two sections:

If you are also importing images, please see the complimentary article Importing item images overview for more information.

The Item Import tool also handles matrix items differently than normal singles and non-inventory items. For a full outline, see the complimentary article 1 b) Considerations when creating or updating matrix items.

Creating new items

The following table explains the columns in the available CSV sample file and the required data format of each column. Rows in blue apply only to Retail with eCom (Omnichannel) merchants. Some cells are also in blue to provide additional information for Omnichannel merchants. If you have a multi-store account, some rows in the table below, such as Shop Quantity on Hand and Shop Unit Cost, have additional information as well.

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