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Formatting images in item import files

To import images, your Retail POS account uses the inventory data in your import file to identify the filenames of the images you plan to import and which item they should be uploaded to. Each item in your import file can have one Featured Image column and up to 11 Image columns. For example, if you wanted to import a new item called "T-Shirt" that has three images, your import file would look something like this:


To successfully format your filenames and import your images, follow these best practices as well: 


  • Do not change the file type or file extension of your image from the original file extension (e.g. change tshirt.png to tshirt.jpg). If you do, your Retail POS account might not recognize the file when you upload it.
  • Images must be in the JPG or PNG file format.
  • Copy and paste your filenames into your import file to avoid any typos.
  • Filenames must not contain periods (.) other than before the file extension (.jpg).
  • Filenames must be less than 250 characters.
  • When the same filename is used for multiple items in your import file, the same image will be uploaded to each item. For this reason, make sure that different images have unique filenames.
  • If you're using Retail with eCom (Omnichannel), do not include more than 12 images per matrix. Although matrix variants can have up to 12 images each in Retail POS, eCom has a limit of 12 images per matrix.

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