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Receiving items in purchase orders

Items received from your purchase order will not be added to your inventory until you check them in. You can receive full or partial orders, allowing for accurate inventory counts.

Checking in received items

Once you have navigated to your purchase order (Inventory > Purchase Orders > your order's name), you will need to check in your items using one of the following methods:


  1. Before scanning, type in the number of items received into the 1 field.

    Purchase order screen, with Mark Items Received section emphasized.

  2. With the cursor in the Item Search field, scan the item's barcode.

    The barcode must be stored in the item's details to use this method.

Vendor ID

  1. Type the number of items received into the 1 field.
  2. With the cursor in the Item Search field, type in the Vendor ID.
  3. Click Receive.

    If multiple items exist with the same Vendor ID, you will receive an error message and the operation will not complete.

Item description

  1. Type the number of items received into the 1 field.
  2. Enter the item name in the Item Search field.
  3. Click Received.

Manual check-in

In the Items section, type the quantity you have received in the # RECEIVED field.

Purchase order screen, with # Received field emphasized.

Receive all items

  1. To mark all items as received, click the Receive All Items button.

    Purchase order screen, with Receive All Items button emphasized.

  2. A pop-up will appear asking if you are sure you want to receive all items. Click OK.

Managing partial shipments

If you receive a partial shipment, check in the received items using one of the processes outlined above. Do not check in the unreceived items.

Purchase order screen showing partially received items.

When the rest of your shipment arrives, repeat the receiving process.

Adding serial numbers to received items

With serial numbers, you can easily track specific items through their retail journey. Serial numbers allow you to record the moment an item was received, sold, repaired, or refunded. Serialized items can be added directly to your inventory through purchase orders.

  1. Type the number of items you received into the # RECEIVED field.

    Purchase order screen, with # Received field emphasized.

  2. Click S/N (serial number).

    Purchase order screen, with S/N button emphasized.

  3. The serial number modal will appear. Type or scan your serial numbers.

    Serial number modal asking for serial number of each serialized item.

  4. Click Close.

The modal allows you to make partial entries by auto-saving your progress.

Adding received items to inventory

  1. Click Add Received To Inventory.

    Purchase order screen, with Add Received To Inventory button emphasized.

  2. A pop-up will appear asking you to double-check the information. If the information looks correct, click Add items.

    If this does not look correct, click Cancel and make further adjustments, then repeat the above steps.

    Pop-up displaying summary of information, with options to Add items or Cancel.

For items with serial numbers: Once these items are added to your inventory, the serial numbers and date/time of receipt cannot be modified through the modal. The serial number modal will automatically add the date and time the item was received. Serial number modal, with date and time of receipt auto-populated.

Completing your purchase order

After you have added items to your inventory, click the Finished button or select Finished from the drop-down list under Status. Then click Save Changes.

Purchase order screen, showing the Finished button and Check-In drop-down list under Status.

If you use QuickBooks for accounting, depending on your QuickBooks Export Setup settings, a purchase order may need to be marked as Finished for it to export to QuickBooks.

Printing labels for your received items

Once your label printer is set up, you can create labels and print them.

  1. Click Print.

    Purchase order screen, with Print emphasized.

  2. In the Print drop-down, select between printing all labels, all received labels, your last received labels, or the order.

    Drop-down showing options to print All labels, All received labels, Last received labels, or Order.

After making your selection, your printer will connect to Lightspeed Hub to facilitate the print.

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