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Configuring advanced settings with Hub

When printing labels with Hub, you can customize your labels by configuring the advanced settings in your print modal. These advanced settings allow you to provide more information on your labels:


From the Additional information drop-down menu, you may only be able to select certain options. This is because the options in the drop-down menu reflect the additional information you've entered for your items in certain fields. So if you haven't entered additional information for your items in certain fields, you won't be able to select the associated option when you print your labels. Here's a list of all the additional information you can print on labels: 


  • None (default)
  • Vendor ID
  • Brand 
  • MSRP
  • Note
  • Category
  • Custom SKU
  • Manufacturer SKU
  • Print today's date
  • Matrix attributes


Note: If you're printing a label queue and at least one of the items in the queue has additional information entered in one of the supported fields, you can select the associated option from the drop-down menu. The additional information will print on the item's labels. For the items in the queue that don't have additional information entered in the field, however, no additional information will print on their labels. 


Fixing overflow on labels 

Overflow is allowing additional information, such as custom SKUs, to completely show on your normal and alternative-sized labels, should you decide to add additional information on your labels. 


The overflow caused by this additional information may interact with the description of your items. In this case, we recommend shortening the description of your items to avoid any overlap on your labels. 


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