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Viewing gift card balances and details

Once you have configured your gift card settings, you can view an overview of gift cards you've sold by navigating to CustomersGift cards. On the main gift cards page, you can see the gift card code, the date it was activated, the status, the order ID, the current balance. 

Some employee roles do not have permissions to view complete gift card codes on the overview page. To change gift card permissions for user roles, refer to the Gift card user permissions section of our Configuring your gift card settings article.


To view the balance and details of a specific card, click on the gift card number or search to find it. Searching for a customer's name to find a gift card is not supported at this time. 

On the gift card details page, you can view the current balance, see the customer ID (if a customer was attached to the sale), resend a gift card to the same email address or choose a different one, and see email history purchase history. You can also cancel the gift card for cases of loss, theft, or fraud.


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