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Configuring tipping settings

Merchants can enable tipping on a Customer Facing Display or customer-facing iPad for a more a seamless checkout experience. Merchants with Lightspeed Payments and Smart Terminal (WisePOS E) terminals have the option of enabling tipping directly on the terminal screen.

To start accepting tips at checkout, you'll need a:

Enabling tips

Terminal tipping can be enabled through your Settings in Retail POS (R-Series).

  1. From the main menu, navigate to Settings > Tipping.


  2. Click the toggle to enable Tipping.


  3. Under Hardware & Tipping Options, select Customer-Facing Display.

    Merchants with Lightspeed Payments and Smart Terminal (WisePOS E) terminals have the option to enable tipping directly on the terminal screen.

Customizing tipping options

You can add suggested tip amounts for customers to select from when making a payment. By default, customers also have the option to select Custom or No tip.

  1. After selecting Customer-Facing Display under Hardware & Tipping Options, you can enter Tip options as percentages in the Option boxes.


  2. Click Save to save your tipping settings.

Tipping data will be available in all relevant reports.

Disabling tipping on individual registers

If you want to add tipping options to some registers but not all, you can edit tipping option at a per-register level after enabling it in Settings

  1. Turn on tipping following the instructions in Enabling tips.
  2. Navigate to SettingsLocations.Rertail-R-location-settings.png
  3. Click Customize beside the location.Retail-R-locations-customize.png
  4. Click on the Registers tab.
  5. Toggle the Tipping checkbox off to remove tipping options from that register.Retail-R-tipping-toggle.png


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