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Understanding the Profile screen

The Profile screen is designed to help you complete everyday point of sale responsibilities quickly and easily. Start new sales, open or close registers, clock in and out, and more. On this screen, you can also see at a glance:

  • Which shop your iPad is assigned to
  • What register your iPad is assigned to
  • What Wi-Fi network your iPad is connected to
  • What devices your iPad is connected to

Aspects on the Profile screen also adapt to the permissions in your employee role and the settings in your account. This way, you only see exactly what you need to get your work done faster. Your name is also used for the tab name and screen name to make sure it's clear who is currently signed in.

To make sure that every day in your shop starts off on the right foot, the Profile screen is the first one you see upon signing in to your account. You can also access the Profile screen by tapping your name on the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen.



Starting from the top of the screen and working our way down, you can accomplish the following tasks on the Profile screen:

  • Clock in and out
  • Switch between employees
  • Open and close registers
  • Make sales
  • Add and remove amounts from registers
  • Get support and see what's new
  • Set up your hardware
  • Assign a register to your iPad

Clock in and out

At the start and end of your shift, have your employees tap Time clock to clock in or out and record their hours. If you don't see the Time clock button, you need to enable the Time clock module.

Please see Clocking in and out for more information.


Switch between employees

Employees can switch between their employee accounts quickly and securely by tapping Lock and logging in with their PINs.

Please see Switching between employees for more information.


Open and close registers

To make sales in the Retail POS app, you first need to open your register. This involves counting and entering your cash drawer's opening float.


At the end of the day, close your register to see any shortages or overages of funds in your cash drawer.


Please see Opening and closing registers for more information.

Make sales

To check out your customers, simply tap the New sale button.


If you need to navigate away from a sale while it's in progress, for example, to edit an email address or check on the status of a layaway, you can easily jump back to a sale by tapping the Sale in progress bar.


To cancel a sale, swipe the Sale in progress bar towards the left slightly and tap the X. You can also swipe left across the entire Sale in progress bar to cancel a sale in just one gesture.


Please see Making sales for more information.

Adding and removing amounts from your registers

If you need to deposit cash in your safe or you're running low on a certain cash denomination, add or remove amounts from your register in the Retail POS app to record these cash drawer adjustments. This will make sure that the amount of cash in your closing count in the Retail POS app will balance with the amount of cash in your cash drawer at the end of the day.


Get support and see what's new

If you need assistance or want to see what's new in the latest Retail POS app version, tap Support.


There, you can find the many ways to contact our Retail Support team. You’ll also find information about your account, app version, iOS version and iPad model that will help our Retail Support team help you more efficiently. Lastly, if you happen to miss the What's new screen the next time you update your app version, tap What's new on the Support modal to stay in the loop. 


Set up your hardware

Under Devices, tap Receipt printerBarcode scanner and Payment terminal to set up your hardware. Once you've successfully set up your hardware, they'll be listed and online on the Profile screen so you can know at a glance whether or not your hardware is online. 


If you need assistance setting up your hardware, tap Learn more to follow along with the step-by-step instructions in the following Help articles:


Assign a register to your iPad

The register that is currently assigned to your iPad displays under Register and Devices on the Profile screen. This is to make sure that sales and refunds are being processed in the correct shop and register when different employees sign in or enter their PINs. To assign your iPad to a different register, tap Register and select a register.


Please see Assigning a register to your iPad for more information.

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