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Fulfilling orders in eCom (E-Series)

When an online order is placed in your eCom store, it syncs to Retail POS and the purchased products are deducted from your inventory.

Fulfillment is a list of products that need to be packed to fulfill an order. When the products have been packed and received by the customer, you can mark the order as complete.

All eCom sales are viewable in Retail POS once they are paid. Pay at pickup sales that are Awaiting Payment in eCom do not sync to Retail POS until payment is completed.

Fulfilling orders in eCom

  1. In Retail POS, select eCom (E-Series) from the dropdown menu.
  2. Navigate to My Sales > Orders.
  3. Find the order and click on it to expand the details. You can use the filters to refine your search.
  4. Change the status to Processing.


  5. Pick and pack the order as required.
  6. Once the order is packed and ready for pickup or shipping, change the status depending on the type of order:
    • Ready for pickup for buy online pick up in store orders. Changing the status will email your customer to notify them that their order is ready for pickup.
    • Out for delivery for local delivery orders. Changing the status will email your customer to notify them their order is out for delivery.
    • Shipped for orders being shipped through a carrier. Changing the status will email your customer to notify them their order has been shipped.


Adding tracking numbers

If you ship your orders through a carrier, you will need to purchase and print a shipping label. You can also add a tracking number to the order to send to your customer with their invoice.

To add a tracking number to an order:

  1. Beside the order on the Orders page, click Update > Assign tracking number.


  2. Select Shipped with tracking number.
  3. Enter the number in the Tracking number field.
  4. Click Mark as Shipped.


If you have several locations synced to eCom, you may need to transfer items between locations or ship the order from a location capable of fulfilling the order. For more information about setting shipping and pickup rules, refer to Customizing shipping rules for eCom .

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