Creating custom receipts and labels

You can customize the receipts, labels and other printed documents generated by Lightspeed Retail. To use this, you must have the PRINT TEMPLATES section enabled. To check if it is enabled, from the main menu, click Settings > Print Templates. If you don't see PRINT TEMPLATES, contact Lightspeed Support.

NOTE: If you are customizing your labels, click here for how to setup your Zebra ZD410 on a computer for custom label printing.

  1. To customize receipts, use our default.tpl which you can find in our GitHub PrintTemplate repository. To customize labels, use this template.

  2. Any changes you want to make to the template can be done by clicking Fork and edit this file which requires you to log in to GitHub. Alternately, you can click Raw, which does not require you to log in. Copy and paste this code into a text editor. To make additional changes, toggle any of the options on the left hand side between false and true in order to enable or disable them in the template. The options are described on the right hand side.

  3. When you're ready to test this on your receipt printer, from the main menu, go to Settings > Print Templates.

  4. For custom receipts, click New SaleReceipt and paste your code. For custom labels, click New ItemLabel and paste your code.
  5. Test your template by printing a receipt.

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