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About reports

There are many reports you can use in Lightspeed Retail. Below is an overview of the articles you can read to learn more. Read about Features common to all basic reports.

Here's a list of articles in this section, grouped by report: 

Multiple reports

Creating an end of day report

Totals report

Viewing total sales revenue

Viewing the Margin, Profit and Cost of goods sold (COGS)

Locating sales without the receipt or customer

Lines report

Filtering sales by category

Viewing refunds

Viewing miscellaneous and service charges

Reporting on charges

Item report

Viewing your best sellers

Partial report

Completing sales in the Partial Payments report

Line employee report

Understanding the Line Employee report

Other types of reports

Viewing Today's Transactions

Received report

Viewing received and remaining items

Reorder list report

Understanding the Reorder List report

Features common to all basic reports

All basic reports have these functions:

  • Filters - All reports can be filtered by clicking on the Advanced button, on the right-hand side of the search box. Every report has a different set of filters.
  • Export & Print - All reports can be exported as a .CSV file or printed. A CSV file allows you to continue to customize the report in your favorite spreadsheet software. Printing allows you to either review the results on paper or create an PDF for future reference.

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