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July product updates


What's new in Lightspeed Retail (R-Series)

Lightspeed Retail POS (R-Series)


Accurate inventory item creation

When creating new items using the “Save & Start New Item” button, the information detailed under Default Price or MSRP now saves correctly, so all your inventory information is accurate. You can also now create and save a matrix setup without errors.


Gift card code security


Sell and manage gift cards with confidence. With new permissions to protect gift card data exports and backend updates to make gift card codes even more protected, you can be confident your gift card values are secure.

Learn more about gift cards


Reset password security updates

When resetting passwords, the suggested format rules are clearer, enabling you to set a strong password. All users are authorized to reset passwords, meaning all your accounts can easily stay protected.


Improved R-Series and eCom (E-Series) image sync

Images for product matrices that are created, updated, or deleted in R-Series now sync to eCom (E-Series) without issue. All your product information stays up-to-date seamlessly on both platforms.


User permissions control

Only authorized users can change role permissions and unauthorized employees cannot edit their role to gain higher permissions. You can always create and edit custom user permissions to ensure your staff has the tools to do their jobs efficiently.


Improved login and authentication process

Reliable switching between R-Series and C-Series accounts means fewer PIN prompts and less time spent re-entering credentials that are already verified. Longer authorization time for sales and work orders further reduce repeated PIN login prompts, letting you complete workflows more efficiently.

Lightspeed Analytics


Build purchase orders faster with inventory forecasting

Generate PO (1).png

Build purchase orders with the click of a button with inventory forecasting. Add suggested items to your purchase orders based on forecasted sales demand or reorder points you’ve manually set up in Retail POS, saving you time and making sure you have the right quantity of your best selling products to maximize your sales.

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Lightspeed Payments


Reliable Cayan refunds

Cayan refunds can be applied to a credit account without issue, giving you more control over the types of refunds you can complete.

Lightspeed eCom (C-Series)


New PayPal Commerce integration

Order and pay.png

eCom (C-Series) has a new PayPal integration. This new in-platform integration offers a streamlined process for ensuring a smoother checkout. The integration also gives customers access to the new Pay Later feature and customers in the US benefit from an integration with Venmo.

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Improved Omnichannel order sync

eCom (C-Series) orders with shipping addresses to Quebec that have tax overrides now sync to R-Series without issue. This update means there’s no need to recreate and backdate eCom orders and your inventory and reporting stay accurate.


Google Analytics 4 is here!


Google Analytics 4 has officially replaced Google Universal Analytics. The integration in eCom (C-Series) now processes GA4 data.

Learn more about migrating your data to GA4

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