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Exporting purchase orders from NuORDER to Retail POS (R-Series)


This integration is currently only available to certain merchants in the USA   



Once a brand has finalized your purchase order in NuORDER, you can export it to Retail POS.

Exports are done manually on an individual purchase order basis, and you can select which orders you wish to export.

Start a purchase order export

  1. In NuORDER, select a brand from the drop-down at the upper-left of the page.
  2. From the main menu, select Orders.
  3. Export your order to Retail POS in one of the following ways:
    • Hover over an order and select the Export order to POS icon
    • Hover over a order and select the More actions icon > Export order to POS.
    • If you wish to review the purchase order before sending it to Retail POS, select the order to reveal its details. Then, select the Export order to POS icon or More Actions  > Export order to POS from the upper-right corner of the page.

Link your purchase order items to Retail POS

In the order summary, review each group of items by selecting the Matched items tab or the New items tab or by selecting the link in the summary.

Item status

A status will be displayed for each matrix that specifies the action being performed for the item during that export. There are three statuses:

  1. UPC match: An existing item in Retail POS has the same UPC and the existing item will be used when creating the order in Retail POS. These two items will be linked for future purchase orders.
  2. Confirmed: This item has been linked to a Retail POS item in a previous export, either by matching on UPC or when a new item is created.
  3. New item: No item in Retail POS was found with a matching UPC. A new item and a new matrix will be created in Retail POS when the purchase order is exported.


Matched items tab

The Matched items tab allows you to link items within the purchase order to existing Retail POS items while exporting.

  1. Select the Retail POS location that you want to import the order into.
  2. Select the Matched items tab to review which items display the Retail POS UPC Match status
  3. Select an item to expand it for further information on the item(s) matched with in Retail POS, including any matrix variants.
  4. Use the UPC match in POS drop-down to select which item you would like to link the item with in Retail POS. If you don’t see a suitable match, select Create new item in POS to create a new item instead.

    Note: A warning is displayed on the Items in POS tab, the matrix, and the variant level to indicate if multiple items in Retail POS have the same UPC as the item in the order. Review and select which UPC you wish to link the item(s) with.

New items tab

The New items tab will list all items and their variants that will be created as new items when the purchase order is exported to Retail POs. This would occur when:

  • You are ordering an item for the first time and it does not currently exist in Retail POS. There is no further action required.
  • An item that you are reordering and already exists in Retail POS does not have a matching UPC with the item in NuORDER. If this is the case, you can add the UPC to the item in Retail POS before exporting the purchase order. When the brand in NuORDER has not provided a UPC for the item, you can export the item and <link>merge it into the existing item in Retail POS<link>.

Like the Matched items tab, a list of these items will be shown but there are no further actions in this modal that the merchant can take.


Complete the export and review the export status

To complete the purchase order export, select Export.


You can then check the status of the export by returning to the NuORDER order and reviewing the order export status:

  • Not exported
  • Export in progress
  • Exported View PO # (includes a link)

If you've exported your order, select View PO # to view the purchase order's details in Retail POS.


Note: Orders can only be exported once. If you already exported a NuORDER order to Retail POS, then the Export order to POS option will be inactive.

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