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Creating a purchase order in NuORDER


This integration is currently only available to certain merchants in the USA   



You can create purchase orders by browsing the product gallery or linesheets of a brand and adding products to your cart. This is called a working order in NuORDER, where you can enter or update the quantities required before submitting your purchase order to a brand.

Adding products to your cart

Note: For GOA buyers, adding products to your cart might look a little different. For more information, refer to the Reviewing your shipments article on NuORDER help center.

Product gallery and linesheets

Add items to your cart by hovering over a product image and selecting the cart icon. The cart icon changes from black to teal when an item is placed in your cart.


You can also add multiple products at once by selecting the checkboxes of products and then using the menu icon in the upper-right corner to select Add to order.

Tip: When you select at least one checkbox, the Select All option becomes available in the upper-middle of the screen. You can use it to add all displayed products to your cart. However, it’s helpful to use the filters on the left to narrow the list of displayed products before selecting all.


To add a product with specific quantities, select a product from the product gallery or linesheet to see its product details.

Use the options in the upper-right corner to specify a Warehouse (if offered), enter quantities for sizes across one or more Delivery Windows, and then select Add to Order.


Quick add

Quick add allows you to search for an item and add it to your cart in fewer steps.

To access the Quick add option, select the arrow to the right of the cart icon in the upper right corner. Then, use the search field to enter keywords relevant to the product you want to add. As you type, items matching your search terms will display automatically. Select a product to add to your cart.

As you type, items matching your search terms will display automatically. Select a product to add it to your cart.


Entering product quantities

Open your working order by selecting the cart in the upper-right corner. Select the Products tab, if not opened by default, and review the list of key item-level information of your order.


Note: Your working order saves as you make changes, so you can navigate away from this screen to add more products if needed. You can always select the cart icon to return to your working order.

Enter or update size quantities for each item you added to your working order. If offered by the brand, you can also toggle between Individual sizes and a Size grid view.


Under each item, enter the quantity desired for the available sizes.

To apply the quantities to any products in the working order with the same sizing conventions, you can select Apply to Similar Size Groups.

The delivery options to the right of each product allow you to specify the delivery type and a delivery date range. When you set the delivery for one product, you can choose to apply this to multiple products by selecting Multiple products.


When you're done entering product quantities, select Next.

What’s next?

Review and submit a NuORDER purchase order

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