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Connecting eCom (E-Series) to Retail POS (R-Series)

You can sell your Retail POS products online with Lightspeed eCom (E-Series), a feature-rich ecommerce platform tailored to your product catalog, customers, and settings. By connecting your catalog, you can expand your online presence using a free website builder with a built-in online store.

To sign up for eCom (E-Series), contact your account manager. This feature is currently only available to North American merchants.

Linking eCom (E-Series) with Retail POS (R-Series)

Once your account manager has added eCom (E-Series) to your account, you’ll need to complete your registration in Retail POS. This ensures that Lightspeed associates your eCom (E-Series) account with the correct Retail POS location and business information.

To set up a new eCom (E-Series) store and connect it to Retail POS:

  1. Sign in to Retail POS. Click the Retail (R-Series) drop-down and select eCom (E-Series).


  2. Select a location, register, and employee to assign to your online orders and click Next.


    The register and employee can be changed later. Your location cannot be changed.

  3. Enter your store name. This can be changed later.

    Ecwid-Setup-Step-2 store name.png

  4. Select your country and your currency, then click Next.

    Ecwid-Setup-Step-2 country.png

  5. In the Do you already have a website? drop-down, select Yes or No.
    • If you select Yes, you’ll be prompted to select your website platform from the What website platform do you use? drop-down.


    • If you don’t have a website, enter a domain name. This can be changed later.


  6. Click Finish & Proceed to Dashboard.

Once you’ve completed your eCom (E-Series) registration, you’ll be redirected to your eCom dashboard, where you can follow the tips to start designing and customizing your online store.

Eseries dashboard.png

All of your products will automatically sync from Retail POS to eCom (E-Series), but will be disabled. To start selling online, you need to enable the products on the Catalog page. You can enable products individually or in buik.

products enabled disabled.png

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