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Release notes for Apr 11 - Apr 22

Lightspeed Retail POS (Web)

Update: Employees without the “Show QOH in all locations” permission will no longer see QOH at restricted locations when accessing the Item Details > Inventory tab.

Update: Employees restricted to specific locations will only see employees also allowed in the same restricted locations.

Bug fix: Layaway QOH will now show accurate results for all products in Item Details view.

Lightspeed eCom

New feature: The C-Series API underwent an infrastructure change to allow for improved scaling.

Lightspeed Accounting

Update: Lightspeed Accounting is now storing the account currency and vendor currency. When a PO or a bill is created, Accounting uses the vendor currency to find an Account Payable account with the matching currency, which happens transparently to the customer. Note: For existing multi-currency customers who encounter an issue, an admin user must refresh the QB data from the Settings > Companies view. This will update all currencies.

Lightspeed Loyalty

Update: As of April 22 at 12:01 am EST, merchants who operate in Vape & Smoke (USA/Canada), Firearms (USA/Canada), Adult (USA/Canada), and Wine & Liquor (Canada) business segments will no longer be able to send SMS marketing or automated SMS notifications (as configured in the Manage Campaigns screen). As of this date, your SMS notifications will be sent to the customer’s email addresses (if provided). For more information, please see our Help Center article.

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