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Release notes for Mar 28 - Apr 8

Lightspeed Retail POS (Web)

Bug fix: Fixed an issue where, on some occasions, receipts printed through Lightspeed Hub would be visually cut in half.

Bug fix: Fixed a longstanding issue with print templates. When a print template longer than 1500 lines of code was saved and updated in the account’s printed documents page, it would appear complete. However, the print template would appear incomplete and broken when viewing it through Settings > Print template in back office.

Bug fix: Fixed an issue where accounts switching from a two tax system to a one tax system would not be able to modify the tax 2 value present in the backend and, occasionally, in certain tax calculations.

Lightspeed eCom

Update: It is currently not possible to accept orders from Russia and Belarus with Lightspeed. These countries cannot be selected when creating an order or quote. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Update: We now block traffic from internationally sanctioned countries. 

Bug fix: The new checkout now validates for a minimum order amount. It is not possible to place an order when the total value of the checkout is below the minimum order amount.

Lightspeed Loyalty

Update: We have added filtering logic to the SMS marketing feature to prevent merchants from using additional public URL shorteners in their SMS messages. Carrier policies discourage the use of shared public URL shorteners, and state that your URL shortener should be both proprietary and properly branded. To learn more about this change, please refer to our Help Center.

Update: With the move to dedicated toll-free numbers for merchants who use SMS features, we have now verified 1,350+ numbers with Twilio. This will fix the filtering and blocking issues that were encountered by some of our merchants.

Bug fix: Merchants using the iOS app can tap the "Resend portal link" button to resend the loyalty signup SMS to a customer who did not receive the original message. This feature stopped working but has since been fixed.

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