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Deleting categories (Retail POS (R-Series)/eCom (C-Series) version)

You can delete categories in both Retail and eCom. Due to its destructiveness, finding alternatives to deleting is recommended. For example, you can hide categories from customers by adjusting category visibility.


Deleting is destructive to the eCom category. Any images, category descriptions and product-category links will be lost by deleting.

  1. In your Retail account click Inventory.
  2. Locate the products you plan on deleting. As these will be deleted, save the descriptions and images. Make note of the products that will be affected by deleting.
  3. Click Categories, located at the bottom of the page under INVENTORY SETTINGS.
  4. Click the name of a category to open its settings.
  5. On the top right-hand side of the screen, click Delete OK.


Deleting in eCom is destructive and only useful when troubleshooting your categories.

Read Deleting categories for instructions.

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