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Understanding the sales history view

The sales history view provides a 30-day history of all your sales in one place. Accessible to all employee roles, it simplifies the everyday sales responsibilities of owners, managers and associates with its filters, viewable details and helpful links to other areas of Retail POS.

As an owner or manager, the sales history view allows you to easily filter and analyze the day-to-day sales activity in your shop. If specific sales have details that are of interest to managers and owners (e.g. refunds, discounts, notes), they're highlighted from the list visually with the use of icons and badges. This makes the specific sales stand out so you can investigate them further in the side panel. 

As an associate, the sales history view allows you to quickly continue in-progress sales and find completed sales to start refunds or exchanges.

To access the sales history view, click Sales Sales history from the main menu.



The sales history view has two main areas:



Although the sales history view is accessible to all employees, it does also contain restricted features that require certain employee permissions to access.


Sales list

The sales list is refined by filters and your search criteria, includes helpful viewable details and links to other areas of your account. Sales are listed by date and time based on when they were completed (or created if they're in progress).


Filters and search bar

At the top of the sales list, you can group your sales by date (up to 30 days ago) with the top-level filter.


Note: If you have a multi-store account, you can also group sales with the Shop drop-down. At this time, however, you can only select one shop at a time.



Underneath your top-level filter, you can use the tabs to quickly view sales by their highlights:


All View all sales. No filters are applied and this is the default view.
In progress

View all sales that were started but not completed. As an associate, this is helpful if you want to find and complete a sale you started at a different point in time. You can simply click Continue sale under the sale total to re-open it at the register.

Complete View all completed sales. As an owner or manager, this is helpful if you want to review the completed sales of the day. It's also helpful if you're an associate who needs to find a completed sale and start a refund or exchange.
Refunds View all completed sales that have an item with a negative quantity (a refund). This is helpful for owners and managers who want to review the refunds and exchanges of the day. As an associate, you can also see which completed sales were already refunded.




To the left of the search bar, at this time, you can refine your sales list further with the additional Employee filter. As an owner or manager, this is helpful if you want to view the sales activity of one or multiple employees.


Note: If you have multiple registers, you can also refine your sales list with the Register filter. As an owner or manager, this is helpful if you want to search for discrepancies in opening and closing counts. 




To find a specific sale with the search bar, at this time, you can only scan a receipt or enter a receipt number.




Viewable details

The viewable details in the sales list can give you the context you need to find a specific sale or to analyze your shop's sales as a whole. The viewable details included per sale varies from one to the next. For example, a customer may not always be attached to a sale. With this in mind, here's a complete list of all the possible viewable details:


Date The specific date that the sale was completed (or created if it's in progress).
Time The hours and minutes of when the sale was completed (or created if in progress).
Receipt # The number on the physical receipt and used to identify the sale.
Customer The name of the customer that's attached to the sale. 
Item and charge preview The description and quantity of the items that were purchased on the sale. As it's only an item preview to help you recognize and identify a sale, it's possible that some purchased items will only be included in the side panel. Charges, such as gift card deposits and miscellaneous charges, can also be included in the preview.
In progress A badge to indicate that the sale is in progress and can be continued.
Discounts A badge to indicate the total amount of discounts that were applied to the sale (e.g. Discounts $5.00). Whether the discount total is tax-inclusive or tax-exclusive is dependent on the Tax Model setting under Settings > General Options. As an owner or manager, this badge is helpful if you want to further investigate discounted sales. It can also help you review how heavily sales are being discounted in a shop.
Refund A badge to indicate that a sale has an item with a negative quantity (a refund).
Note An icon to indicate that the sale has a note. The note itself can be viewed in the side panel.
Sales total The sales total that appears on the sales receipt. In other words, the tax-inclusive sales total that the customer paid.


Side panel

The side panel displays the details found in the sales list but goes more in-depth. It also presents the details in a way that's quick and easy to understand. As an associate, this helps you confirm that you've found the correct sale before you start a refund or exchange. As an owner or manager, the side panel allows you to further analyze sales that jumped out to you on the sales list.

The side panel can be broken down into seven sections:

  1. Header
  2. Customer details
  3. Items and charges
  4. Subtotal, taxes and total
  5. Credit account and gift cards
  6. Payment


For more information on the details included in each section of the side panel, please see Understanding the side panel of the sales history view.


Employee permissions

To access restricted features in the sales history view, you need to enable the following permissions in your employee role.


Permission Feature Description
Sales - Refund Refund or exchange button Allows the employee to see the Refund or exchange button and start a refund or exchange directly from the side panel.
Customers - Basic View details link to customer accounts Allows the employee to see the View details link next to a customer's name in the side panel. Clicking it brings them directly to the customer's account.
Customers - View gift card number Gift card numbers Allows the employee to see the full number of gift cards wherever they appear in the sales history view. 
Service Link to original work order Allows the employee to see the original work order by clicking the work order number in the side panel.

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