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Renaming categories (Retail POS (R-Series)/eCom (C-Series) version)

Categories can be renamed in both Retail and eCom.

  • Rename categories in Retail to maintain the link between Retail and eCom.
  • Rename categories in eCom to have different category structures between systems.

Renaming in your Retail account

  1. In your Retail account click Inventory.
  2. Click Categories, located at the bottom of the page under INVENTORY SETTINGS.
  3. Click the name of a category to open its settings.
  4. Type the new name and click Save changes.
  5. Confirm your changes in eCom. Open your eCom back office and click Products Categories.
    • When your eCom category structure matches your Retail one, your changes are confirmed.
    • When you see your eCom category names do not match, read Realigning your eCom categories for assistance.

Renaming in eCom

Renaming categories in eCom can make it difficult to trace which categories have come from Retail. Since the product category syncing will still continue, it's important to keep track. Making a personal note including the category's original title, its new title and the reason for the change can help. If an issue occurs, read Realigning your eCom categories for assistance.

  1. In your eCom account click Products > Categories.
  2. Rename your categories by opening them, editing their name and clicking Save.

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