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Selling items with register rules on your iPad

If you've created register rules, it's important to understand how to:



If you're using Lightspeed Retail POS with Lightspeed eCom, it's also important to understand that the register rules you configure in Lightspeed Retail POS will only block in-store sales. To block online sales as well,  age verifications and quantity limits need to be configured in Lightspeed eCom. The same applies if you're using Lightspeed Retail POS with a third-party eCommerce solution.


Note: To scan 2D barcodes on your customers' identifications for age verification, you need a Zebra CS4070 barcode scanner if you're using an iPad. If you're using a computer, you need a Zebra ZDS2200 Series barcode scanner. To purchase a barcode scanner, please contact your Sales Account Manager or see Purchasing hardware for more information.


Selling items with purchase limits

A purchase limit register rule will restrict the quantity of an item that can be purchased in a single transaction. 

Screen Shot 2019-10-04 at 3.01.49 PM.png

In the example pictured above, the Quantity Restricted Item could only be sold in quantities of 3 at most, and Lightspeed Retail would prevent the quantity from being raised higher than that.


Any attempt to increase the quantity of the item beyond the limit will result in a warning, and the quantity will automatically revert to the last permitted quantity.

This restriction applies only to items being sold. It is possible to refund as many items as needed, regardless of any purchase limits on the item.


Selling items with age restrictions

An age restriction register rule will require that the customer verify their age before they can purchase the items that have been added to the rule. As soon as an age-restricted item is added to a sale, an age verification window will pop-up prompting you to scan the customer's identification.


To age-verify the customer:

  1. Use your barcode scanner to scan the 2D barcode on the customer's identification, as the image depicts.
    Note: Your barcode scanner may attempt to scan and prioritize the simpler, 1D barcode instead. Try covering the 1D barcode with your finger while scanning to prevent this.
  2. Compare the customer's name and address on the screen with the identification they have presented to make sure they match.
  3. If the name and address are a match, tap Yes, ID matches.

Once the customer's identification has been verified, the sale is considered to be age-verified. More age-restricted items can be added to the sale and, provided the customer meets the minimum age for those items as well, they will be added without the need for further verification. However, any items with a higher minimum age to purchase than the customer's age will not be added to the sale.

While driver's licenses can be scanned, not every ID has a scannable barcode for age verification. If a customer presents a non-scannable ID for age verification, you can proceed with a manual verification, provided someone with the Manager Override employee permission is present. To do so:

  1. Tap Manager verification (requires Manager Override rights).


  2. Select the ID type from the drop-down menu.
  3. Enter the Date of birth on the identification.
  4. Enter the ID expiry date


  5. Tap Confirm.
  6. Enter the Manager PIN. This must be the Lightspeed Retail PIN of a user with the Manager Override permission.


  7. Tap Authorize.

If either the customer's age does not meet the requirements of the age restriction rule or if the customer's identification is expired, the information will appear in red to indicate as much.


In some regions, there are exceptions to the normal age restrictions on certain items (for example, for active military personnel or due to state grandfathering laws). For that reason, entering a Manager PIN will allow you to override the age restriction rule and authorize the sale of the item. Any user with Manager Override permission has the responsibility to know when it is appropriate to do so for their region based on local laws and exceptions.

While the manager PIN can bypass the minimum age restriction, a transaction cannot be authorized with an expired ID under any circumstances.

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