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About Lightspeed Accounting

Lightspeed Accounting is an integration that will plug into Lightspeed Retail and your accounting software and allow you to synchronize your bookkeeping information between the two. Once everything is connected and configured, your sales, payments, discounts, taxes, etc. will all sync to your desired accounting software, automatically, every morning.

Lightspeed Accounting is compatible with Average Cost accounts and does not support the First In, First Out cost method at this time.

It can integrate with the following accounting packages:

Windows macOS
QuickBooks Desktop 2015-higher QuickBooks Online
QuickBooks Online Xero
Xero Sage Business Cloud Accounting
Sage Business Cloud Accounting Exact

While Lightspeed Accounting is extremely convenient once set up, the process of connecting and configuring it takes a little time. These help pages guide you through the setup process, step-by-step.

To begin, create your account with Lightspeed Accounting. If you've already completed part of the setup process, you can skip ahead to the section of the guide that you need.

Connecting Accounts

  1. Creating your account for Lightspeed Accounting
  2. Connecting Lightspeed Accounting to Lightspeed Retail
  3. Connecting Lightspeed Accounting to your Accounting Software

Configuring Lightspeed Accounting

  1. Selecting a Posting Method
  2. General Settings
  3. Mapping your Data
  4. Managing Users

Monitoring your Data


Quick Setup Videos

While we recommend reading the guide in its entirety, we've also made some quick overview videos to demonstrate the setup process from start to finish.

QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online (Multi-Store)

QuickBooks Desktop


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