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Exporting customer data

In Lightspeed Retail, you can easily export your customer data to:

  • make bulk updates to your customer data via our Retail Imports Team.
  • comply with customer privacy requests.


To export your customer data:

  1. From the main menu, click Customers Customers.
  2. Optionally, use the available fields and filters and click Search to refine your results.
  3. From the top-right of your search results, click Export.


A CSV file of your customer data downloads to your computer which you can share with your customers. It can be opened and edited with a spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Excel. When emailing a specific customer, we recommend double-checking that you've removed all personal data that doesn't pertain to them before emailing your CSV file.


NOTE: If you have a Lightspeed eCom store connected to your Retail inventory, you'll also need to export your customer's data from your eCom store to complete their privacy request. For instructions, please see Managing privacy requests in the eCom Help Center. Similarly, if you've integrated your Retail account with one of our partners, you'll need to contact them directly to learn what personal data they have and how to complete your customer's privacy request on their end. 


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