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Managing buy online, pickup in-store orders

You can offer your outlet or outlets as pickup points for customers who prefer to shop online but pick up in-store.

Setting up pickup options for eCom

To set up a pickup option for online orders:

  1. Select eCom (E-Series) from the dropdown menu.


  2. At the bottom of the sidebar, click Shipping & Pickup.


  3. Scroll down to Self Pickup and click + Add Pickup.


  4. For multi-location merchants, select an outlet as the pickup option under Outlet associated with this pickup option. It will appear at checkout for customers interested in pickup.
  5. Under Order pickup label at checkout, enter the pickup option's label. This label will appear on your online storefront and is visible to customers.


  6. Enter any detailed instructions for customers.
  7. Under Pickup charge, add an extra charge for pickup, if desired. The amount will be added to the order total at checkout.
  8. To let customers choose a convenient time to pick up their purchase, toggle on Ask for pickup date and time at checkout and:
    1. Set times for pickup during business hours.
    2. Set your Order fulfillment time.
    3. Choose a pickup timeframe range.
    4. Add blackout periods when pickup is unavailable.


      An email notification will be sent to you with the day and time the customer has selected for pickup for each order.

  9. Click Save.

On the Shipping & Pickup page, you can also update existing pickup options by clicking the Action dropdown > Edit.

Adding multiple pickup locations

For customers who would rather buy their items online but pick up in-store, you can set different locations as pickup points at checkout. This allows your customers to pick the most convenient location to pick up their order.

  1. To create more pickup points, repeat the steps found in the Setting up pickup options for eCom section above for all locations that will offer in-store pickup.
  2. On the Shipping & Pickup page under Current shipping and delivery methods, toggle on the pickup locations you want to make available to customers at checkout.


  3. At checkout, customers will see the delivery methods in the order they appear on the Shipping & Pickup page. To change the order, click the Actions dropdown > Sort.


Changing the location of an existing pickup option

You can create different pickup options for different outlets by following the steps above. Alternatively, you can change a pickup location to another outlet location on an existing pickup option.

To assign another outlet to an existing pickup option:

  1. At the bottom of the eCom (E-Series) sidebar, click Shipping & Pickup.
  2. In the pickup option you'd like to update, click Actions > Edit.


  3. Under Outlet associated with this pickup option, select another location to assign to the pickup option.
  4. Click Save.

Restricting pickup locations

You may want to restrict pickup locations based on inventory availability so customers will only be able to pick up orders at locations that have available stock. If a customer chooses a pickup location that does not have available inventory, they will be prompted to remove the unavailable items from their cart or choose a different location.

By default, buy online, pickup in-store orders are not limited by inventory availability.

To turn on pickup location restrictions:

  1. At the bottom of the eCom (E-Series) sidebar, click Shipping & Pickup.
  2. Scroll down to Settings.
  3. Beside Outlets’ availability for pickup: Not limited by inventory, click Edit.


  4. Select Available only if products are in stock.


  5. Click Save.

Managing inventory for pickup locations

By default, the location closest to your customer where inventory is available will be pre-selected at checkout. Other locations will be ordered based on distance to your customer's current location.

If you have pickup restriction enabled:

  • Outlets with zero or negative inventory will not be shown on the list of available locations.
  • Inventory availability at each of your locations is displayed on the product page so customers know which locations have the items in stock.

If you don't have pickup restriction enabled:

  • Your online store will show pooled inventory from all locations that are pick-up locations.
  • If a location oversells an item, it would need to request a stock transfer from another location.

Notifying customers when orders are ready for pickup

After customers buy from your online store, they will get an email notification with item information, totals, your store address, and pickup date and time. You will also receive an email informing you of the new order and fulfillment details.

To notify customers that their order has been fulfilled and is ready for pickup:

  1. Click My Sales > Orders.


  2. In the order that's ready for pickup, click on the status dropdown and select Ready for pickup.


Once you change the order status, an automated email will be sent to the customer letting them know their order is ready for pickup. It will also have the pickup address, business hours, item information, and total. 

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