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Importing items with B2B Catalog

B2B Catalog has over 3000 brands that empower retail merchants to optimise their inventory. When searching for items in your inventory, you can quickly import products that do not currently exist using the B2B Catalog.

Importing items

  1. Navigate to Inventory > Item Search.
  2. Enter any item information into the search fields and click Search.
  3. Click the B2B Catalog Matches tab.
  4. Locate the item you wish to import and click Import.
  5. The imported item will now be added to your inventory.

When the item being imported includes matching information with a item already in your inventory, a duplicate item modal with be displayed. Select the information you wish to import and click Import, or click Cancel to stop.

Understanding imported item information fields

When importing items from B2B Catalog, the following item information fields are used to create the item in your inventory.

Product items

B2B Catalog field Retail POS field
Brand ID (product ID at the style and color level) Vendor ID
Brand Name (aka Portal Name) Brand
Color Color
Discounted Price (order-level and item-level discounts) Unit Price*
Images Images
Line Items Line Items*
MSRP Pricing > Default
Pricing > MSRP
Pricing > Online
Pricing > all other Custom Price Levels
Name Description
Season Tags
Size Size
Style Number Manufacturer SKU
Wholesale Price Inventory Defaults > Default Cost

*Only these product fields are updated in Retail POS when new orders containing the same product are exported from NuORDER to Retail POS.

Product matrices

B2B Catalog field Retail POS field
Name Description
Brand Name (aka Portal Name) Brand
Color Color (as an attribute)
Size Size (as an attribute)

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