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Adding items to a purchase order

Purchase orders are used to order or reorder items across multiple shops from an external vendor. They allow for centralized purchasing workflows and maintaining a record of ordered products across vendors, ensuring your inventory numbers stay accurate.

To order products, you will need to add the desired items to the purchase order. You can manually search for items, add by reorder points, add special order items, or import items.

Manually adding items

  1. Navigate to the Add Items box on your purchase order page.

    Main purchase order page, with Add Items section emphasized.

  2. Type in a keyword to search for relevant items across all of your shops.

  3. To search across all available catalogs, click the Search All Catalogs tickbox. To search only within items associated with your selected vendor, make sure this tickbox is not checked.

  4. Click Add Item.

    Clicking Add Item with a blank search field displays all items across all shops.

  5. If only one item matches your search, this item will be automatically added to your purchase order.

    If multiple items match your search, you can click Select for a single item you wish to add. To select multiple items, click the tickboxes for each item and then click + Add Selected.

    Page showing multiple item options based on the entered keyword.

Adding items by reorder points

If you’ve previously set item reorder points and reorder levels for the currently selected shop (see Adding items), you can add the items that have reached their reorder points for the selected vendor. To do this:

  1. Navigate to the Reorder Items box on your purchase order page.

    Main purchase order page, with Reorder Items section emphasized.

  2. To select only items from within a certain category, click +All under Category.

    A pop-up will appear. Click Select on your desired category.

    Pop-up window showing different categories for selection.

  3. To select only items from a certain brand, click into the Brands drop-down and choose the desired brand.
  4. Click +Auto Add All. A pop-up will appear to confirm this choice; click OK.

To qualify for adding to your purchase order using this method, items must:

  • Have reached their reorder points in the currently selected shop.
  • Have a Vendor ID from the purchase order vendor OR the item must have its default vendor set to the purchase order vendor.
  • Have a quantity in stock and on backorder that is less than or equal to the reorder point for the item.

Adding special order items

If a special order item already exists for the currently selected shop, you can add this to your purchase order by doing the following:

  1. Click Special Orders.

    Main purchase order page, with Special Orders tab emphasized.

  2. Click +Add To PO. The status for the special order item automatically changes to Ordered.

    To select multiple special orders, check the tickboxes next to each and then click +Add Selected To PO.

    Special Orders page, with one entry under Special Orders To Add.

  3. The selected special order(s) will now appear under Special Orders On Purchase.

    Special Orders page, with one entry under Special Orders On Purchase.

  4. Return to your purchase order's main screen by clicking Order on the left side.

Importing items into a purchase order

To simultaneously add items to a purchase order and create the items in Lightspeed Retail, you can import items into a purchase order.

Adjusting item quantities

  1. On your purchase order's main screen, navigate to the Items section at the bottom of your screen.

    Items section of the main Purchase order screen.

  2. Click into the ORDER QTY. box for the item you wish to adjust the quantity of and type in the desired quantity.

    • The QTY. ON HAND column shows how many of the items you currently have in your store.
    • The QTY. ON ORDER column shows how many items are already ordered or back ordered on existing purchase orders for the same shop location. To be included in this column, the existing purchase orders' statuses need to be set to Ordered or Check-In.

    If you use QuickBooks, the Shipping and Other amounts under Costs are exported to QuickBooks. The Discount % amount is applied to the item unit cost and is factored into the total cost of the purchase order.

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