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About purchase orders

A purchase order is a document that controls purchasing items from an external vendor. Each purchase order is tied to one vendor and can include as many vendor items as required. However, you’re not bound to one shop when you create purchase orders in Lightspeed Retail. This makes it ideal for centralized purchasing workflows. For how to use Lightspeed Retail purchasing features for centralized purchasing, go to About centralized purchasing for multi-stores.

Note: You can create custom fields for additional purchase order information. Go here to learn more about custom fields.

About purchase order statuses

Lightspeed Retail has color-coded statuses so you can quickly sort through the Purchase Order list and view an order's status at a glance.

To access the Purchase Orders list, from the main menu, click Inventory > Purchase Orders.

Color Status
Light grey Open
Yellow Ordered
Red Check in (receiving)
Ordered items or quantities have not been checked in or added to inventory
Green Check in.
Items and quantities have been checked in and added to inventory
Dark grey Finished





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