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Managing taxes in eCom (C-Series)

Tax Rates are configured separately in Lightspeed Retail and in Lightspeed eCom.

To learn how to set up Taxes in Retail, refer to following Retail help articles:

To learn how to set up Taxes in eCom, refer to the following eCom help articles:

NOTE: If your item uses a different tax rate than the default, assign it to a tax class with an alternative rate in both Retail and eCom. This is useful, especially in the US, where some types of items are taxed at different rates according to local laws.

Automatic tax creation in Retail

The rules governing tax rates are more complicated when selling online than in store because the shipping destination must be considered. For this reason, it is not possible to use Retail's tax system for selling online.

Retail is not set up ahead of time with all of the possible tax rates that could be used in eCom. Instead, when new tax rates are required to process a sale, omnichannel creates them.

Every time a sale is made in eCom, omnichannel checks each sale line and determines whether a new tax rate is needed in Retail. Tax rates created by omnichannel are grouped under an eCom Sales Tax.


Grouped under the eCom Sales Tax is a Tax Class for each rate that has been used in eCom.

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