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September product updates


What's new in Lightspeed Retail (R-Series)

Lightspeed Retail POS (R-Series)


Better inventory counts with bulk imports


Gain more control over how your inventory counts with the new bulk inventory upload feature. New CSV import feature means you can control how your counts are completed and keep a more accurate record.

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Pay for your Lightspeed Subscription in-app


The revamped billing and subscription page allows you to easily find how and where to pay an active invoice, make modifications to stored credit cards, and unlock access to your account without the need to contact Support.


Improved help center chat


Get answers to your questions quickly and accurately with our improved chat feature. Click “Contact us” at the top of the page or the Lightspeed icon in the bottom right corner of the help center and be instantly connected with the support you need.


Redeem Loyalty during sales with ease

Improvements to redeeming Loyalty rewards during a sale mean rewards will be applied to sales as expected, keeping your cash out workflow efficient and error-free.


Work order check out process improvements

Complete and check out work orders efficiently with improvements to the work order check out process. Now, all items included in the work order are visible on the sale page as expected for every work order you complete.

Lightspeed Financial Services


Smoother Lightspeed Payments hardware setup


Improvements to the payment processing page means the Lightspeed Payments setup is faster than ever. You’ll have the information and answers you need to get transactional in record time with reminders and help center articles available during setup.

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