Navigating between your Retail account and eCom back office

Our omnichannel solution consists of the powerful combination of Lightspeed Retail and Lightspeed eCom that allows you to sell both online and in-store. Although we want to continue embracing the opportunities that their differences bring, we've incorporated similarities in their design and shortcuts in the navigation between the two interfaces to bring you a seamless omnichannel experience.


Once you've created your eCom user account, you can navigate between your Retail account and eCom back office by clicking:

  • the eCom section in the Retail main menu.
  • the Retail section in the eCom main menu.


Another part of this seamless omnichannel experience is being able to quickly and easily perform the following actions directly from your Retail account:

  • managing your eCom products' online details
  • viewing your eCom products in your online store

These two actions are controlled by two buttons in the Details section of your items:

  • Manage Online Details
  • View in Online Store

For more information on managing and viewing eCom products from Retail, please click here.

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