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Opening a pop-up shop

As a merchant, you can use a temporary pop-up location to maximize sales during busy holiday seasons or other promotional events. To add a pop-up shop to your account, contact support or your account manager to upgrade your plan to multi-store or to increase your plan’s location limit. 

Setting up your pop-up shop

Setting up a pop-up shop is similar to setting up a new permanent location. After your account manager has updated your account, you’ll need to add your pop-up location. Our article Adding locations contains information on adding locations.

If you have staff that will be working at your pop-up shop and your permanent location, visit our article Configuring employee settings for multi-location accounts for instructions on how to set up their employee settings.

After your location is set up, you’ll need to transfer stock from your permanent location to your pop-up shop. For details on stock transfer, visit our article Transferring items.

During busy holiday seasons, you may need more than one register to serve your customers quickly and efficiently. Our article Adding registers contains instructions for how to open an additional register.

Closing your pop-up shop

As pop-up shops are usually temporary locations, you will likely be closing your pop-up shop while keeping your permanent locations active. When it’s time to close down your pop-up shop, contact your account manager to disable the temporary location or contact support for assistance. Be sure to transfer any unsold items back to your permanent location to add them back to your inventory. 

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