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Release notes for Oct 10 - Oct 21

Lightspeed Retail POS (R-Series) web

New: Customers can now add their own information by scanning a QR code on the Customer Facing Display (CFD) or by manually entering it via the keyboard on a CFD touchscreen.

Improved: Merchants can now generate a randomized digital redemption code when creating a new gift card by clicking the generate a new gift card code link on the Sales > Gift card screen. The code is no longer automatically generated if the form is submitted when this field is empty, which minimizes the risk of user error.

Improved: Image uploads for branding, products, and work orders now support GIF, JPEG2000, and WEBP image formats.

Resolved: Sorting items by price now correctly displays all items. Previously, items might not display if the item didn’t have a price defined for the default price level of the current shop.

Resolved: Merchants can now use item search without receiving an error. Previously, in some scenarios, the item search returned an error for employees with access to only a subset of locations if certain combinations of shop and QOH filters were used.

Resolved: Merchants exporting the item listing while sorted by QOH now receive the correct results. Previously, the results returned some duplicated lines in some cases.

Resolved: Additional information fields are now selectable when printing labels via the Inventory> Inventory transfers > Transfer # > Print labels screen.

Resolved: When printing a transfer receipt via Inventory> Inventory transfers > Transfer # > Print order, the receipt now shows the correct time for your time zone.

Resolved: Gift cards added and then removed from a sale no longer appear on the final receipt.

Resolved: Merchants searching for existing items via the New item form no longer resets the tax class.

Lightspeed Retail (R-Series) POS iOS app

New: Merchants can now access Lightspeed Support’s chat feature within the app by tapping Support and data > Contact us on your profile screen.

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