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Navigating between Retail POS (R-Series) and NuORDER


This integration is currently only available to certain merchants in the USA   



Once your Retail POS and NuORDER accounts are linked, you can navigate between the two products from within both platforms.

Navigating to NuORDER from Retail POS

To navigate to your NuORDER account from within Retail POS, select NuORDER from the main menu.


You are now on the buyer dashboard in your NuORDER account.


Navigating to Retail POS from NuORDER

To navigate to your Retail POS account from within NuORDER:

  1. In NuORDER, hover over the main menu to expand it.
  2. Hover over your user profile at the bottom of the menu to open the sub-menu.
  3. From the sub-menu, select Switch to Lightspeed.

You are now in your Retail POS account.


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