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Merging items and matrix variants from exported NuORDER purchase orders


This integration is currently only available to certain merchants in the USA   



When you receive purchase orders exported from NuORDER, you will be prompted to match existing items or create new items based on what is already in Retail POS.

However, if an item in NuORDER doesn't have a UPC provided by the brand, you should merge the existing item in Retail POS into the new item created from the exported NuORDER purchase order.

This will create a link between the two platforms and ensure that the correct item is matched the next time it is exported as part of a purchase order.

Important: Merging items is permanent. If you merge an item by accident, this cannot be undone.

Merging existing items into new items

When merging existing items into new items, you will still have the ability to edit any item information fields, images, descriptions, attribute names, etc. When additional quantities of an item are imported on future purchase orders, the details of the item will not be overwritten.

  1. From the exported NuORDER purchase order, open the new item or matrix variant by selecting the item name. This will take you to the item’s detail page.
  2. From the left menu, select Merge.
  3. Select the existing item or matrix variant that you want to merge into it followed by Merge > OK.

The existing item or matrix variant is now officially merged into the new item, overwriting the new item or matrix variant details.

Note: Repeat the above steps for any additional matrix variants within the existing matrix. If the existing matrix is left without variants, you can archive it so it’s no longer visible in your inventory.

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