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Using the buyer dashboard in NuORDER


This integration is currently only available to certain merchants in the USA   



The NuORDER buyer dashboard is a centralized space where you can quickly view all of your orders, brand connections, and selected settings. 

Connected brands

The connected brands section offers quick oversight of the brands you are connected to (including pending requests). It also allows you to search for connected brands to create purchase orders directly with them.

Use the search bar to locate the desired brand and select it to open its brand portal. Here you are able to browse the brand's products and create a purchase order.



The orders section is useful for buyers connected with multiple brands on NuORDER, offering the ability to view your current and past orders for all brands in one place.


Use the search bar to locate a specific purchase order by brand name, order #, or customer PO #

Select an order to open it and view additional information, such as the order details and items on the purchase order.

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